Cashew Cheese

Cashew Cheese

This ‘cheese’ is super delicious, and can be sweet or savory, depending on your desired outcome.

3 cups organic raw cashews-soaked for 24 hours in filtered water (just enough to cover) when soaking is complete drain cashews, saving juice. the cashews can be stored in the fridge for a few hours, if need be.

Place cashews in a food processor, and blend well, adding a bit of the juice to process into a thick cheese-like consistency.

Add  salt, freshly ground pepper, finely chopped fresh thyme and about 1-2Tblspn lemon juice. Finely chopped garlic, rosemary or fresh cilantro, chives…any herb that you like, really! I would tend to go with combinations that you know go well together.

Note: the more water- the thinner the cheese, so go light at first and add in small amounts and blend well in the processor to get the consistency you want. The cashews tend to make a sweet cheese, so the herbs and lemon help to make it a bit savory. If a sweet cheese is what you want, then omit the pepper, lemon and thyme and add cinnamon and raisins! …or leave it in it’s sweet simple cashew goodness. The best bet is to taste, and imagine what might taste good with it, this is often the approach I take with making food.

This ‘cheese’ is great for a spread, or use it in place of ricotta cheese in lasagna.

You’ll want to store the ‘cheese’ in a glass container and eat within a few days. This is live food, so it is important to eat it fresh! Enjoy. L O V E


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