Roasted eggplant spread

Roasted eggplant spread

October 2007

It’s a beautiful autumn day, the sun warm on the body, as we gleaned from the boxes of fresh produce at food not bombs (fnb) free Sunday market**. This has been a neighborhood event for 2 years running, prior to that, their was a group of fnb folks who cooked a meal to serve at one of the downtown parks. They lost access to the kitchen they were using, so with some dialog with-in a group that wanted to keep something going, we decided to continue our weekly food pick-up at the local organic markets and co-ops (this is ripe and ready to eat food that would otherwise be discarded) and bring it to the Cascade Neighborhood for a free market. This has been such a blessing for many folks, who would not have the resources to eat fresh organic produce. We pick through the boxes, and take what we will use for the week. Generally, if I make it to the market (i used to be a driver, until i sold my car- so now i am a grateful market goer) it means that i will be coming home to cook, straight-away!

This week found in my basket 2 eggplants, one green pepper, bananas, apples, and some carrots, potatoes and celery.

Roasted Spread:

The eggplant needed to cook today, so i sliced it one direction and then sliced it the other, to come up with long ribbons about one inch thick. I then added thinly sliced grn pepper, and onion. i coated all with a bit of olive oil, laid it in a shallow roasting pan and sprinkled some salt and pepper on top. In about an hour, at 350, the roasting was almost complete- i cut up one ripe tomato from the garden, and three cloves of garlic-tossed these in with the roasted veggies and transfered all into a deeper baking dish (as not to dry out the mix any more) and put it back in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Slice a piece of bread, and slather that on top.

If your ever roasting veggies, and left them in too long, so they turn out dry ( i’ve done this!) try adding a few fresh sliced tomatoes and some olive oil to perk it all up!
**The fnb free sunday market is still going strong – a community resource that 50+ strong. It is really simple to come together, this way- it takes a few dedicated folks to make connection to glean discarded produce from your local co-op (corporations are not usually so willing). Generally, most stores will donate to the local food banks, but you might find that the food bank folks don’t pick up on Sunday… You truck the produce, and other food to a set community gathering place.  Everyone attending pitches in to unload and clean up, after the food is taken.  This market, not only feeds many families for the week, it also keeps the food out of the landfill!



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