Week one at the farm

I am interning at Plum Forest farm, this growing season, for a CSA share of beautiful organic produce.  The commitment is 20 weeks of work trade, I am there once a week.  I will try to share a bit of my experience here.

May 10th, week one of twenty: The first warm, sunny day in a sea of rainy weather!  We planted in onion starts- 3 3/4 beds.  Rob figured there were approx 375 onions to each bed.  I’ve never planted so many onions, sweet, red, yellow- all with fancier names, just can’t remember what they are now.  Sat there planting, with time to look up and watch Eagle and Red Tail Hawk fly over head, a beautiful day sharing stories and learning ways of planting and watering in.   A neighboring farmer shared 3 goose eggs with me, one being equal to 3 hen eggs.  I brought them home and enjoyed trying something new.

May 17th, week two:  okay, we’re two for two, beautiful sunny day, I am so thankful- we’ve had some pretty crazy rain lately, but today was dry.  We planted in the corn starts, all sweet varieties- some early season (not sure what this means, seeing how we are in the NW). I look forward to observing the growth of these rows, and to taste the raw sweet corn, when it’s ready!  Next we planted in broccoli starts, prepared some beds for salad green seeding, set up a small hoop cloche for the basil and cleaned out one of the chicken coops.    At first, I had wished we would have started with that task, to get the worst done first. But as we worked, and got the chickens all worked up, I realized that if we would have done it in the morning, we wouldn’t have had any eggs that day.  I am learning, I am learning!  They have a pretty big composting system in place, and I will learn more about how it works on Thursday, for a special workshop for farm interns and wwoofer’s (this will be going on all season and switch to different farms, once a month).  I am delivering 4 dozen eggs to friends, in Seattle, tomorrow!


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