week 3 on the farm

so much goes into the planning and preparation on a farm.  i am just beginning to see little pieces of this.  if one is a good record keeper, you acquire data from your previous year’s work.  it is beautiful to work with folks that have a positive attitude and are willing to have fun.  today we planted out the rest of the onions and potatoes,  prepared the beds for beans and squash and welcomed a new intern that will be here for the season.

i am at that place where it feels like i know nothing.  this is a good place to be, because it opens the doors for me to expand my experiential knowledge.

i see this experience a way to bring me closer to my desire to homestead with a group of people working with the earth to:

1- feed the earth, by building soil and allowing nature to lead us  in working with her cycles.

2- receive a harvest that is due to a web of interconnection- big and small.  an example of  my view here is that we are the small, and the work of the pollinators is the B I G .

3- keep record of what we do, with the understanding that something will change and seeing this as an opportunity to grow.

4- laugh and enjoy each moment!

i found out today that we will start the CSA harvest next week.  CSA stands for Community Supported  Agriculture, generally it works that the farm will have shares and partial shares set up at the beginning of each year. folks, who want a share of the harvest each week, pay- up front, for that share. the shares consist of what ever is ready to harvest, and sometimes with recipes added.  at Plum Forest the CSA harvest lasts for 20 weeks.  some farms are open to labor for a share, and that is what i am doing this year.  the CSA program brings us closer to an understanding of where our food comes from. Y U M !


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