august on vashon

i don’t sit down in front of the computer during the summer months.

interning at plum forest has been a blast, and i now have some new insights as i venture forward, planning for this fall in the planting areas of my new dwelling.  i will be at pf for one more month, and the place i am moving into has two established gardens, room for a hen house and a tea house sitting up in the woods that looks out on it all.  when moved in, i will have storage of half an 1/8th side of grass-fed finished beef from the pf,  sour pickles in my new crock, sauer kraut with two beautiful heads of purple cabbage from  island meadow farm and access to a food dehydrator, with hopes of the last little bit of fruiting abundance to dry for the winter.  i will also try my hand at some jerky for myself (and to share) and my dog stella.   i am seeing the beauty in ‘storing up’ for the winter months.  it just makes sense.

i just finished up two weeks at homestead school, helping to care for the goats and chickens while my friends were away.  the goats at homestead are amazing.  i love spending time with them and this time around i tried my hand at making
cheese and yogurt -during spring break while caring for the farm i assisted in a kid-out.  formage blanc and chevre were the two i made from the milk i received as a part of the exchange for the two week stay.  it is not so economical to buy raw goat’s milk (enough to make cheese), but know i know that i would like to live with goats sometime in the future and continue learning the cheese making process.  i read Goat Song by Brad Kessler while caring for them.  it was a perfect immersion into the world of goats.

taking some deep breaths as i witness the first leaves falling from limb to ground.

Be well.


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