i am a gatherer.

it comes at a time of the season when i find myself, like a squirrel, gathering fruits- berries each morning as stella and i walk.  an old harvest basket strapped at the hip.  stored up in the freezer- we have blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and jostaberries.  jostaberries are a cross between gooseberries and black currants.  i made a small batch of jam, using freshly picked thimble berries, salmon berries, native blackberry (trailing)-sweetened with coconut sugar and a bit of fresh lemon juice.  it takes some work to pick enough thimbles to make anything (and some major self restraint because it is my favorite to eat right then and there!) the jam has been a little gem to share with friends.  coconut sugar (i’ve worked with the dried form) is wonderful, it has: a rich brown caramel flavor without being really sweet, these qualities work well with berries.  use 1:1 replacement.

as much as eating fresh berries in late summer is a kiss to the lips, frozen berries are a small kiss of sun on a cold, rainy january day.


2 thoughts on “gathering-storing

  1. A great post. I used date syrup last year to sweeten serviceberry jam, and was really happy with it… not too sweet, with a tasty flavor that didn’t intrude on the berries. ^..^

  2. yum! that sounds great John, i’ll try using date syrup. thanks for the note here!
    i learned that the coconut sugar does not go well with blackberries, maybe a nice combo for the red fruits.
    looking forward to your show at the Roasterie!

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