Sweet Connection!

Sometimes I am reminded of the sweet connections we make, throughout a day’s journey. Last Tuesday was a day filled with a sweet surprize, that flowed easily and the profound connection went unnoticed until that evening….

It’s springtime here, on Vashon- we have waited a, seemingly, long time for it’s arrival. I spend the first four hours of Tuesday as an intern at Island Meadow Farm, working with Greg and Caitlin is a bright time in my week. We dive into a rich dioalog, as we prepare and plant, weed and marvel at the beauty around us. The mornings, still a bit chill will find us seeding, under cover on the wet days and out in the field on dryer days. It is refreshing to spend time, taking direction from them, learning new and different ways of giving back to the earth and growing food.
This past Tuesday we worked on weeding an 80′ bed of peas and radish. The peas, young, along side radish- plump and ready to harvest this Friday for market. My hands dirty with the cool soil from hand pulling the unwanted plants, I realized the wealth of edibles, mainly chickweed, and gave time to taste the young spring growth as I pulled them from the soil. This is a constant question I have, in my heart, about farming practices and the complexity of decision making, when it comes to approaching being a part of this cycle of growth for sustainence. After weeding through, Caitlin and I set up a trellis for the peas. It was a good morning’s work and I left feeling full in many ways, from the experience.
Tuesday evenings I teach a community yoga class at a beautiful barn-turned-studio on the south end of the island. Greg is one of the folks that comes regularly. This week Greg and Amy (both dear friends and farmers) and I worked through our sore bodies together and found a fluidity through the session. They are working long days now and their yoga practice offers them ways to balance. Often I am the happy recepient of fresh farm produce and eggs for payment, this week Amy brought eggs and $4 (the $4 I passed on to Joan, thankful for the use of her space) and Greg brought a big bag of brazing greens and radish! It was good to see the radish, a plump deep red, again that day.
I had made plans to go into the city with my elderly friend Carol, to attend a dance, facilitated by her son, Scot. I was looking forward to an evening of beautiful movement, but realized that I had not made the cash to pay the entry fee to the dance, I remembered the bag of greens and radish, thinking it a worthy offering, and headed into the city. The dance allowed me to explore an outward interpretation of inner fluidity- in relationship to connection, in the moment with space, and the contact or presence of others, free from words.
….sweet connection- community, dance, food- soil, sun and growth- came together so simply, and brought with it a deeper understanding of my relationship in the greater web of life.
In community,


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