west coast journey- exploring what community is….

I am in the planning stage of a journey I have wanted to take for some time now. ….a drive southward, so far, the plan is to start in Seattle and go as far as Berkeley, California with a focus on questions of community, farming/homesteading and how we can live simply and lightly with the earth and tend to her needs. I am creating a map of places I would like to visit, to work-share and listen to document stories. I would like to visit farm communities, rural and urban, intentional communities, family homesteads and friends.
It is a dream to explore the questions of community I have, by listening to people’s experience, and visions that can be shared to inspire new ways of being. ….and is it really new? I will document this process here, as I can, as well compile for a chapbook or zine the stories shared.
The process of hearing stories has begun, here on Vashon and I hope to begin the drive southward in my ’69 squareback in October!
If you would like to support this project (and receive a copy of the finished work!) I would be thrilled to have you along as my community inspiration! Get in touch to let me know how you would like to support this.
In Community,


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