Autonomy within community

Do we lose autonomy within community?

Autonomy -as ‘self-responsibility’ is a basis for healthy human and animal -maybe I could just say ‘Nature-relations’.  Nature-relations would cover all of our relationships, being we are a part of Nature, not separate or above it.

Often I have thought (personally-more with intimate relationships) and heard from others, through a dialog about community that living in community, and/or intimate partner relationships challenges ones autonomy, or autonomy is lost.

Challenge, I see as a positive force that keeps me thinking, looking at things with a slightly different perspective, turns everything ‘i knew’ on it’s head and clears space for something new, hopefully seeing with ‘new eyes’.  This brings me closer to being present in the moment.

With the question of losing one’s autonomy- a more recent question has come to my thought process: as we allow ourselves to deepen in our relationships (communal and/or intimate partners) it feels as if we are falling, we are losing sight of ourselves, as ‘individuals’…  As we open our heart to that realm of the unknown, we are challenged to see ourselves- within the scoop of relating to another-  …is that ‘losing’ more a ‘finding’?

The strength and stability of  a communing, a relationship is built on many qualities.  When we come into a relationship, wanting to be there, to do the work the connection and commitment requires, we come from a place of self-responsibility.  This quality is autonomy.

Part of the journey is that beautiful challenge of opening to the brilliance of the unknown.

In community,



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