G R E E T I N G S    A N D      T H A N K S !

When my heart whispers

to be still

experience with my full body-

i am learning

to listen.

I am learning

rather than witness,

to participate.

–Linda Moore 2012

-welcome to a journey that celebrates the interconnections of life, through self awareness, mutual respect and reciprocity.  The possibilities for slowing down, living simply, and together within the scope of Earth-plant-animal-human interdependence are here, it is in the work that we all do together that nurtures our full potential as humans.

My goal is to continue to challenge myself to evolve and listen to the many facets of life on this amazing Planet Earth, accessing that deep place within that flows outward with words to describe my experience.

Have posted links on this blog, as a way to widen the web of connection, i do not receive any compensation for this participation in community.

I welcome your input.

In community,



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