Patterns of Love

Feet walk

soft earth rooted trees holding

patterns of


we were there

you pointed it out

in the marsh

stones collected

set in the shape of the four letters

I felt today

as if i hadn’t set it to my heart

a friend wandered past the same spot

took a photo and sent it to me

so there

it is twice I am seeing this word

stones of my ancestors

the veins of my roots

deep within the soil

longing for connection

to that source

that Divine Essence

that which has no name

ever-present in all

I am at your beckoned call

at your humble service

I am here

as I am

as I am

I am here


my offering

to be present

honored in our sharing

so much to share

I wonder

could there be silence

between us?


Silence of dusk

silence enters

tells of coming


a time of wild



show me

your silence

that space between

dark and light

the place where words


That place rich

dreams envisioned

a world of deep


always moving


every cell

every cell.



a map of where

we’ve been

seasoned by the wind

seasoned by the wind


an offering

to be present

honored in sharing

each word

caresses the structure

of your face


brings me present

to this place

to this place.


This sharing

is but a shadow now

in the past

in the past

I will not hold

a dream

that which has not

yet been dreamed


I will live

each moment

each moment

knowing of our

sweet connection

in the trees

in the trees


as you journey

to those unknown

places of the heart

as you journey

far away from here

I see a silhouette

of your face

in the trees

in the trees


i will see you

when you return

2 months of neither

hope nor dread

just as it is

just as it is


the prayer

is a thank you for


for insight

for an honoring

of what is

and isn’t

I am here

heart open

I am here

Linda Moore 2012


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