A Rich Life

I arrived, baskets in hand, as she was raking leaves on the brick pathway to her entry. A warm welcome of two dogs, curiously sniffing all my needed belongings for the two day’s stay. She showed me to a cozy room with bed and desk, windows looking out onto a courtyard of fall yellows and reds. I settled myself for a bit.

Soon after my arrival I found my friend preparing for a fire, I happily joined in and she led me to where the axe and stump for chopping kindling are. I set to work, at a task I love. It warms me, getting the blood flowing through my body. I felt immediately connected to my surroundings and host. I said to myself- this is a rich life!

It was late afternoon and I had just come from Carol’s A frame. I had spent Sunday evening with Carol, began our morning with a smootie and shared experience. While she worked on her paper work, I set to working on some chores. Two more storm windows to put up, compost out to the pile, planting two vine maples, a fern and snowberry. I then spent time doing a bit more clean up to my new little trailer.

To have the time and freedom to live this way, participating with another, in their daily tasks, staying for a short time, sharing life’s experiences is such a blessing in my life right now. I have put most of what I have come to be okay with keeping, in a 4×8′ storage space. What I need to have with me, in my travels I carry in a 1969 vw squareback. My work is to teach yoga, three times a week. My outgoing expenses average 200$ a month. The rest is open for what presents itself, in the moment.

It has been a long process of letting go, to see myself at this point in my life. I have taken small steps, that lead to more small steps. Sometimes I find myself taking leaps of faith and this is difficult and beautiful!

As I walk closer to living in community again, this is a step in that direction, spending time with friends, sharing ideas and personal visions, asking those questions that inspire movement…. I feel engaged and alive. The teachings come through in subtle forms of energy exchanged. That human connection is vital to spiritual growth, that dance with interdependence is sowing the seeds of growth and change. In this realm, gone is the need to work for rent, work for rent, work for rent, that never ending cycle that is hard to break free from. Instead I work for my stay, and this is something I have been doing for the better part of two years -save for 8 months, last winter- when I had a job and a house- but not much more than that- I found myself in that cycle, to pay a rent that was more than I could personally handle. So last May, I transitioned back into the life of a wanderer, caring for others places and pets, while they were away. I have a few friends who are farmer’s and I know how hard it is for them to take holidays, so I was happy to be available for farm care as well. I worked from May to mid September, in this way and loved the freedom of movement from one place to the next. When I wasn’t on a ‘job’, I stayed with my elder friend Carol, in her little dry cabin and took on tasks around her place, to assist her in what she needed. We enjoy each others company and one of my favorite things that we do- is cooking a meal together. This beautiful exchange brought me to the thought of possibly sending it out to others on Vashon, that I am looking for other short stay exchanges in-between house and farm sitting. This has led me to staying with ‘M’ and her two big huggable dogs.


I feel this rich exchange, with many friends is what I am to be doing and this journey is every unfolding, shifts and changes as I continue to walk- with the effort to stay true to my path. I am grateful.


In community,



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