Prayer For The Day

I just listened to today’s broadcast of Democracy Now! I am at a loss of words to describe my feelings right now.
We are all affected.
There is a prayer in my heart for families of the victims of this outrage and the one who lashed out to kill.

I know this is going to be a view that will be difficult to read, but I feel called to share what I am thinking and feeling today:
I strongly feel that ‘government control’ is not the answer to knowing the effects of disconnect from the part of our society that is living with mental illness. We know, from years of experiential knowledge that ‘control’ divides, and where there is division there will not be true understanding.

We live in times that show such extremes, giving us the possibility to live to our full potential which means to step outside our ‘comfort zones’ to reach out to someone who is isolated and terrified.
My prayer for today is that when each of us, feels a tender whisper, from our hearts, to reach out to someone- that we listen to that whisper and share our presence, share our Love.

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