A Seed

The casing begins to feel


dry and bristly are my


shaken- we sound

of dancing earth

waiting for

that last, much needed

hot sun

the heat that cracks

casing open meets a

warm wind to carry us

through tall dry



Wind calms and the weight

of my essence

is no longer held

by air

as I nestle on the soft

bounty of Earth.


Winds shift and change

bringing fallen leaves

birds scurry and scratch

I am now nestled deeper

into the folds

of soil

of nutrient rich loam

to sleep

as my outer layer is worked

by the essence of my



After a time of deep sleep

I begin to sense

a warming of soil

a chattering begins

so much activity

as earth warms from sun

moisture drawn up

from deeply held


I am bathed in

water warmed by

sun held by



My sides begin to swell

to soften

something inside me is pulsing

vibratory responses

to an invitation

shell cracks and i am

hit with the fragrance

of musk

decay and possibility!

I drink droplets of ground water

and have this pulse

running through me

to reach out of this shell


Reaching up

a warmth grows

reaching for

Light while

small roots begin

reaching down through

Earth’s heartbeat

drinking in

what I need to grow

to surface


I feel with the tip

of my tendril

that play

to push through

soil surface

the warmth draws me

the soil feeds me

the water tickles my

not yet green emerging


oh- what is that?



a sensation brushes my skin

I breathe it in

exhaling through my pores




as I feel the folds of my

skin unfurl

releasing to the expansive

essence of


Linda Moore 3.14.13


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