a love letter from the quiet revolutionaries 1

gather round,

drop down close

closer still….. can you hear me?

I speak through your heartbeat

your heartbeat

press your chest against my

outer bark

wrap your arms close

can you feel it?

Can you feel your heartbeat?

Place your unarmored feet

upon my surface

what are the qualities of this place?

Climb into me

let me hold your weight

drop deep

into your wild-self

feel into your sensory


tend to your wounds

I will take what you hold

I will take what

holds you back

sending it down to feed my roots

transforming,  transforming

i am here

i am here- trees sparrow raven deer

i am here- coyote raccoon rabbit slug wind rain

cloud elk wolf cougar and salmon

bear eagle condor hummingbird and bee

we are here- mountain snake lake river sky

ocean ocean ocean

vast waters of life

held in a single drop of rain

whale song- sound of sheer force

so cooing- the chorus

a love song from the quiet


can you hear their sweet calling?

A longing to be heard

longing to be heard.

linda moore 2014


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