Holding steady, perched on it’s post. Waiting. There was some movement today- first time I noticed the small hive on the underside of Clara’s hutch roof was this morning, while sitting on the stump I placed near her door, when we moved her here 3 days ago. He is moving slow, not leaving. My guess is that this one is stationed at the hive, and was there, holding strong, as we walked the hutch to my friend’s truck, drove the whole lot, just shy of a mile to my place- walked it through the woods and now Clara, my rabbit friend, is here. I have been delighted to have her back, close to me- right here, so I can tend to her needs with ease. And the wasp is here, now too- waiting. I have been a major part of separating it from it’s hive-mates. It and the hive have been relocated. And he is not leaving the hive. But slowly works his way over the surface of their crafting. Perfect small cells to pack their eggs. I imagine the others have moved on and begun to rebuild.

I have had an interesting year with relation to bees. I have a small hoop house in the area where I am growing food. Early on, I realized that I was only a small part in this place- there were a number of wasps flying in and out, busy as all get-out this spring. As soon as I took notice , to honor this sacred creature, would stand in the doorway of the hothouse and slow down my breathing, calming myself and slowing my movements- sharing, aloud, my gratitude for their being there and that I meant them no harm and wanted to know if they would be willing to share this beautiful place with me? Those first few times, as I stood at the entrance with this prayer, a few would fly in and out, above my head and I noticed that a few landed, not far from me and stayed at that spot as I entered slowly and did my work. They have been kind to share the space and haven’t chased me out, nor have they stung me. I am grateful! They are amazing pollenators and so important to the vibrant existence of this garden. Every morning I go to the hoop house, I watch 4-6 different types of bees begin to emerge from their sleeping spot- seems this house is popular! The tomatoes are coming along beautifully.

The wasp I sat and watched today, at Clara’s hutch reminded me of a crazy dream I had, earlier this year…

I was standing in a room and looked up to see a wasp diving, fast, toward my head- I woke up before it made contact! But something happened, in that dream and I am living that experience right now.

With Deep Gratitude

For All my Relations

I am here


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