Nurture What You Love

20160709_211352Love like you have never
Loved before
With fierce passion
Shine your light in
Gentle ways
Sing to collective
Grief that lives in
Us all
Push through that
Edge of unknown
Nurture what you
Love what you nurture
Feed seeds of
Hope letting fear
Travel through and out


Walking on Bones

Walking on bones
I step with agile curiosity
the sound as foot placed on earth
reaching into the depths of my roots
they are already there
waiting for my initiation
breath informs life
life opens to love
silence is not
a goal
immersion to
surrender fully
step in to awareness
step up to the ability
to breathe out
in reciprocity
Every breath breathes a
signifiable relationship
this is my vow
to breathe Alive
my Love for life
this is my vow of
reverential reciprocity
Life is courted by breath
Awareness relieves the illusion
of aloneness
Love is the beautiful
Tapestry woven by
my heart opening up
to communion.
Linda C Love Moore


G R E E T I N G S    A N D      T H A N K S !

When my heart whispers

to be still

experience with my full body-

i am learning

to listen.

I am learning

rather than witness,

to participate.

–Linda Moore 2012

-welcome to a journey that celebrates the interconnections of life, through self awareness, mutual respect and reciprocity.  The possibilities for slowing down, living simply, and together within the scope of Earth-plant-animal-human interdependence are here, it is in the work that we all do together that nurtures our full potential as humans.

My goal is to continue to challenge myself to evolve and listen to the many facets of life on this amazing Planet Earth, accessing that deep place within that flows outward with words to describe my experience.

Have posted links on this blog, as a way to widen the web of connection, i do not receive any compensation for this participation in community.

I welcome your input.

In community,


Delicata-Carrot Soup








Preparation and cooking time: 1 hour 30 min
preheat oven to 350
Organic ingredients, when possible.

1 medium red onion
2 medium to large Delicata squash
approx. 4 carrots (I used the ends, bits and pieces of this season’s garden carrots)
3 cloves garlic
1/2t – 1Tbl finely chopped ginger (less for mild, more for hotter)
1 – 2Tbls Olive oil
1/2t Salt
1 1/2 t Garam Marsala (the mix I have is cardamom, cumin, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg)
1 cup organic coconut milk

I find that cooking delicata with the skins on, although a bit tedious, renders more squash when spooned away from the skin. Cut up the Delicata and carrots into big chunks and place in a big bowl and lightly coat with olive oil and salt, tossing so oil and salt is distributed throughout. Place this on a flat baking pan with a low edge and bake for 45 min, turning once or twice during the roasting. When 10 minutes is left for roasting cut red onion (I cut in medium size irregular chunks) and saute in olive oil until tender. Press the garlic and cut up the ginger.

Scoop squash away from skin (compost skin) and place all of these ingredients in a medium soup pan and add water to just barely covering vegetables. Simmer on medium for about 20-25 min. transfer this to blender and blend completely. Bring it back to the soup pot and add Garam Marsala, lightly sprinkling on top, when it has soaked into soup, stir and add coconut milk, stirring gently. Let the soup sit for a few moments.

Ladle into bowls and eat as is or add a spoon of yogurt, or sour cream in the middle. Serve with whole wheat sourdough bread. I used homemade maple yogurt, and it was a nice balance to the sweet spiciness of this soup.

august on vashon

i don’t sit down in front of the computer during the summer months.

interning at plum forest has been a blast, and i now have some new insights as i venture forward, planning for this fall in the planting areas of my new dwelling.  i will be at pf for one more month, and the place i am moving into has two established gardens, room for a hen house and a tea house sitting up in the woods that looks out on it all.  when moved in, i will have storage of half an 1/8th side of grass-fed finished beef from the pf,  sour pickles in my new crock, sauer kraut with two beautiful heads of purple cabbage from  island meadow farm and access to a food dehydrator, with hopes of the last little bit of fruiting abundance to dry for the winter.  i will also try my hand at some jerky for myself (and to share) and my dog stella.   i am seeing the beauty in ‘storing up’ for the winter months.  it just makes sense.

i just finished up two weeks at homestead school, helping to care for the goats and chickens while my friends were away.  the goats at homestead are amazing.  i love spending time with them and this time around i tried my hand at making
cheese and yogurt -during spring break while caring for the farm i assisted in a kid-out.  formage blanc and chevre were the two i made from the milk i received as a part of the exchange for the two week stay.  it is not so economical to buy raw goat’s milk (enough to make cheese), but know i know that i would like to live with goats sometime in the future and continue learning the cheese making process.  i read Goat Song by Brad Kessler while caring for them.  it was a perfect immersion into the world of goats.

taking some deep breaths as i witness the first leaves falling from limb to ground.

Be well.