in reverence and reciprocity

Nurture What You Love

20160709_211352Love like you have never
Loved before
With fierce passion
Shine your light in
Gentle ways
Sing to collective
Grief that lives in
Us all
Push through that
Edge of unknown
Nurture what you
Love what you nurture
Feed seeds of
Hope letting fear
Travel through and out


Walking on Bones

Walking on bones
I step with agile curiosity
the sound as foot placed on earth
reaching into the depths of my roots
they are already there
waiting for my initiation
breath informs life
life opens to love
silence is not
a goal
immersion to
surrender fully
step in to awareness
step up to the ability
to breathe out
in reciprocity
Every breath breathes a
signifiable relationship
this is my vow
to breathe Alive
my Love for life
this is my vow of
reverential reciprocity
Life is courted by breath
Awareness relieves the illusion
of aloneness
Love is the beautiful
Tapestry woven by
my heart opening up
to communion.
Linda C Love Moore

Song Of The Earth

Song of the earth

Is always playing   Song

Of the earth Whispers   Song

Of the earth is Joy    Song of the

Earth is sorrow     Song of the earth

Laps against my breast     Calling to me

Calling to me         Mamma      I hear You

Mamma         I have been listening Mamma

I am listening          Still       Can I hear Her

Gentle heartbeat    Can I love    Her waters

Breathing Her     Fully     No need to hold

My exhale is  Reciprocity      My inhale

Is Her kindness    My exhale is a gift

I am here    Mamma

I am here

10/14 Love Moore


Holding steady, perched on it’s post. Waiting. There was some movement today- first time I noticed the small hive on the underside of Clara’s hutch roof was this morning, while sitting on the stump I placed near her door, when we moved her here 3 days ago. He is moving slow, not leaving. My guess is that this one is stationed at the hive, and was there, holding strong, as we walked the hutch to my friend’s truck, drove the whole lot, just shy of a mile to my place- walked it through the woods and now Clara, my rabbit friend, is here. I have been delighted to have her back, close to me- right here, so I can tend to her needs with ease. And the wasp is here, now too- waiting. I have been a major part of separating it from it’s hive-mates. It and the hive have been relocated. And he is not leaving the hive. But slowly works his way over the surface of their crafting. Perfect small cells to pack their eggs. I imagine the others have moved on and begun to rebuild.

I have had an interesting year with relation to bees. I have a small hoop house in the area where I am growing food. Early on, I realized that I was only a small part in this place- there were a number of wasps flying in and out, busy as all get-out this spring. As soon as I took notice , to honor this sacred creature, would stand in the doorway of the hothouse and slow down my breathing, calming myself and slowing my movements- sharing, aloud, my gratitude for their being there and that I meant them no harm and wanted to know if they would be willing to share this beautiful place with me? Those first few times, as I stood at the entrance with this prayer, a few would fly in and out, above my head and I noticed that a few landed, not far from me and stayed at that spot as I entered slowly and did my work. They have been kind to share the space and haven’t chased me out, nor have they stung me. I am grateful! They are amazing pollenators and so important to the vibrant existence of this garden. Every morning I go to the hoop house, I watch 4-6 different types of bees begin to emerge from their sleeping spot- seems this house is popular! The tomatoes are coming along beautifully.

The wasp I sat and watched today, at Clara’s hutch reminded me of a crazy dream I had, earlier this year…

I was standing in a room and looked up to see a wasp diving, fast, toward my head- I woke up before it made contact! But something happened, in that dream and I am living that experience right now.

With Deep Gratitude

For All my Relations

I am here

Spring – birds in flight

I sat under the bright blue sky today, watching a large mingling of Raven and Crow- I’d say 30 total!  Watching them in spring-time flight, swirling and often times in pairs, diving and dancing in air- cooing and cawing.  Then I noticed Red Tail Hawk, flying just below this swirling flight, and it flew in to meet another Hawk and they danced and turned- showing the glimmer of their underside as it met with sunlight.  This is the first time I have sat and experienced such a grouping of these birds together…. as if to say: “It’s all good” …we can dance the same sky…


Love 2014

a love letter from the quiet revolutionaries 1

gather round,

drop down close

closer still….. can you hear me?

I speak through your heartbeat

your heartbeat

press your chest against my

outer bark

wrap your arms close

can you feel it?

Can you feel your heartbeat?

Place your unarmored feet

upon my surface

what are the qualities of this place?

Climb into me

let me hold your weight

drop deep

into your wild-self

feel into your sensory


tend to your wounds

I will take what you hold

I will take what

holds you back

sending it down to feed my roots

transforming,  transforming

i am here

i am here- trees sparrow raven deer

i am here- coyote raccoon rabbit slug wind rain

cloud elk wolf cougar and salmon

bear eagle condor hummingbird and bee

we are here- mountain snake lake river sky

ocean ocean ocean

vast waters of life

held in a single drop of rain

whale song- sound of sheer force

so cooing- the chorus

a love song from the quiet


can you hear their sweet calling?

A longing to be heard

longing to be heard.

linda moore 2014

Giant Madrone

this morning I stood
in awe of a giant Madrone
massive trunks, outstretched
toward the sky.
I stood there
feet in place just shy
the distance of her height
I asked her “How long
have your roots dug into this
Earth, this place?”
She answered, by way of
the sensations she sent me
through roots below my feet.
Love Moore

fiber soup

Last winter the spinning group I am a part of decided to mix it up and create what is called ‘fiber soup’.  We each brought a small amount of some fiber that we wanted to share, and each of us drew bits from the fibers that called to us.  Then we set out to spin.  This poem was inspired by that day.


we gather

each bringing an ingredient

for the soup

tufts of color fill the table

from small bits of unused fiber

wool and tinsel

on its own, not enough

to draw from


I begin

starting with the

deep brown black

the fibers take a

thick lofty form

my hands working

in sync with the spin of the wheel

in sync with my breath

I honor that connection

my ancestors as I draft

feeling the fibers pass

through my fingers

my grandmother’s fingers


as i reach for the next tuft

slow transition in color

a deep blue through shades of brown

fibers joined through community

a beautiful reminder of

what I am learning here

in and from this group of island neighbors

the love of fiber to spin is what joins us

blue to red through brown and grey

a plum color emerges

each tuft, on its own could, in no way

emerge with such beauty

it takes this soup

and to look over at another’s work

is to see a completely different spinning

from the same!


It is like artists, drawing

from the same palate

to paint abstract lines

in the landscape of a wintery



Linda Moore

Vashon 2013