Nature Informs



I am grateful today-
for the unknown
for those spaces
darkness and light
for the love that
lies before
our hearts
without words
without words
I am thankful for that
edge of uncertainty
that keeps me alive
I am thankful for
the impassioned work
the people
dedicate to
I am thankful for prayer
that guides
my heart into action
I am thankful for
that reaching out
when i am isolating myself
I am thankful for the fortune
of words
found to
describe deep feelings
I am thankful for you
my Love
I serve for that which humbles
and nurtures us all
sweet Love- Divine Love
without you, I am nothing
I am nothing
but bones and distracted mind!
Every step is in
celebration of
your magnificence!
In celebration of
darkness and
and that in-between space
of the unknown.


Mating dance

chocolate sun

touches tongue -awakens dormancy

birds arrive as winter gives way

to spring’s first touch

as air warms my hips seem to sway a bit more

do you notice?

every year the sparrow must

dance for mate

one gives a showing of all it has –

all the while- the other sits


that move that moves

can I move my body in waves

in ways that glimpse an inner fire

will you move in ways that tell me

to move towards you

as you move toward me.

the hummingbird dives

from the tip of the highest tree

nearly hits the ground only to





sets sights as sun alights

fuchsia band for thee

this dance in flight

vigorously executed until

the other takes wing

your vivid radiance

as heart opens to the dance

this chance to speak through moves

through waves

energy rises

as I touch your face with my eyes

I see you for the first time

as you look at me

I see myself -anew

do not forget the dance

as you look my way

become abstracted as face flushes

words cannot capture

the moment

we take flight as one

jan 2010


Only if you want me to


time slips

into layers of thinly

laid cloth.

red to brown

yellow emerald

electric blue

threads intricately woven

reach far into the horizon

-one thread for the child that cries


in the night.

one who falls from

gun metal blue.

one thread for each blade

of grass tree sapling

doe and fawn.

one for the spider, hawk

and one thread for the embrace

that was made yesterday at three.

one thread for a bird


through the rain –

I can feel your pain,

your sorrow- it brings me to tears.

i know that I cannot change it.

i know that I can listen.

i can share your story

only if you want me to.

Rain Falling On Water

Rain falling
on water
changes the surface
from a distance
appears to be the cloud
Sept 16, 2010

Pomegranate kisses

Pomegranate kisses
September sky
morning low fog
air clings
to shirt sleeves
kisses my cheek
sept 2010


Tree Outside This Window

Tree evokes
bare branched
from roots
reaching upward
remaining leaves
dance- a
cold wind temps
to the ground-
most hold fast -for now
as if to
in tickling
the sky!

Nov 29, 2011

The Gift

tree seedling planted
a gift.

witness it grow
through seasons of
life’s process.

we may smell
sweetness of first
blossom emerged
ready for pollination

watch in anticipation
summer sun
on fruit- ripens
sweetness on the lips of thee.

This gift
never-ending as
roots grow deeply
nourishing soil
soil nourishing roots
to bud
to bee
to hive for queen
to neighbor
to thee

the gifts are
ever present
beneficial to the whole
know that when
life takes you
to another place-
the gift continues-
This tree of the Earth
is rooted home.

I Dream At Your Rooted Feet

Tall pine, cedar, fir- hemlock
I dream at your rooted feet
no one will own your majestic

You can be moved
shear force of wind and water.
You can be planted- small hands
on a winter’s day-
I can be moved
to tears at your presence,
but this is where you will stay
until time takes you
laying to small seedlings-
huckleberry, cedar,
salmonberry, fir.
Cycle continues-
witness nature’s way.

Remembering where we’ve been

There’s a movement happening right now-

Taking place- a mass shift of being,

No longer are we looking outside,

For inner happiness shines through-

Free from pride.

Gone are the fears of judgment-

Making space for acceptance and peace,

Free are the fears of alienation-

Vulnerability leading to an open heart,

We witness the fall of self hatred-

Emerges the power of collective expression,

As we are actively moving-

In a culture of ‘we’,

We see the Earth as whole,

Blessed shedding of the ‘I and Me’-

That has taken it’s toll-

Falls away without a cry of resistance,

For abundance lies within-

As collectively we walk together,

Always remembering where we’ve been.

march 2008



She’s sailing

on that River

Her work on this earth

complete- for a time


Sun meets Moon

Sky above- Flow

down that River

freedom from freedom from

freedom to

free to dance little feet

around us all

spirit alive- free from the body

as a vessel as a vessel

freedom from the body- reveals

the lotus- of the spirit

The River- She flows on

a meeting of spirits

another realm

beyond what eyes can see

the heart knows true

beyond you and me

A Love flows through.

NOLA Dec 11, 2005

To honor those lives that were lost during Hurricane Katrina.


The Sit

lays before me
a chance to
go deeply.

notice the
stillness of this
on the wings of
mastered flight.

home ever present
in the heart realm
will be
wherever my feet
may land.

This finds a challenge
for the heart-
to be committed
for the sit-
to be committed
for the action-
to be committed
I speak of these-
on terms of separation,
an illusion bursting
with truth.

can’t go back
to what was
for fear of
what isn’t
an illusion
an illusion.


Feel the movement
the still silent
space that lies
between thought
and action.

There is no answer.

as we knew…

When we hold another
in our memory
as we knew
we stop ourselves
from seeing
them anew
Sept 11, 2010





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